Communication without borders

A native speaker of French and English, I have been juggling languages for over 20 years on 4 continents. 


Through carefully crafted storytelling and culturally sensitive translations, I help you communicate effectively with global audiences.


Born under a travelling star

I was born in Japan and grew up in Paris and Geneva, speaking English at home and French at school. 


After earning a BA in cultural anthropology from Stanford University and an MA from the Australian National University, I worked in corporate communications for several years before going freelance in 2001.

Now based in Geneva, Switzerland, I have lived in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong, collecting curious words and new languages along the way.



A passion for good writing​

I am a translator with a passion for good writing and a copy-writer with an acute awareness of the cultural dimensions of language. 


Trained as a copy-editor through the Society for Proofreaders and Editors (UK), I love editing and fine-tuning your writing, from annual reports to PhD theses.