Translation & transcreation

French-English and English-French translations that convey both the meaning and the intention of your documents, creatively adapting your message to your target audience. 

Translation: from 3.20 CHF per line (55 char.) 

Transcreation: 6 CHF per line (55 char.) 


Banking and finance 

Marketing and advertising

Arts and culture 




What is transcreation? 

A combination of translation and copy-writing, transcreation aims to maximise the impact of a text by adapting both style and content to the target audience. 

Copy-editing & rewriting

An outside eye on your English documents can vastly enhance their impact. Even native speakers benefit from careful editing! 


There are two levels of editing:

  • Copy-editing: correct spelling, punctuation, word choice and grammar. 

  • Substantive editing: all the above, plus improve sentence and paragraph structure, ensure logical flow; may include extensive rewriting and restructuring. 

Both come with comments and feedback to help you improve your writing.

80 CHF/h 



As a French-English bilingual copy-writer, I write in your main working language and then translate, continuing to refine the two versions in parallel.


The result is a bilingual website, brochure or press release that sings in perfect harmony.


120 CHF/h. Contact me for an estimate 



High-quality, professional work takes training, time and attention to detail. That's why I follow the hourly fee and text-volume rates recommended by the ASTTI (Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters). 

Discounts available for non-profits: don't hesitate to ask!